buying a ready-to-move in property

Looking for a ready to move in property in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR? As per the picture and scenario of current market, we are here to help you understand the financial advantages of investing in a ready to move in Apartments/Flats.

Why to buy a ready- to-move-in property? There are other options like buying a land or an under-construction property but they have bigger cons than pros. Do you want to know how? We at Mapsko are willing to make picture clearerfor you.

Because of the options of lower rates and better payment plans, most of the people take the risk of going for under-construction properties. Here are some benefits of choosing ready to move in apartments over other options.

  •    We all are already aware that with the under-construction property, there is a risk of delays in possession. The reasons are manifold. The delays in pumping funds could be one from the developer, but the larger reason could be delays in Infrastructure development. RERA shall bring all perspectives in place, compounded with upward thrust by the government Vis a Vis Infrastructure development, we can expect better future for possession in properties under strict guidelines.

  •   By selecting for ready to move in property, you get to save the rentalsin moving in your property and earn the rental if you let it out. You can also save or earn the money by supplementing the EMI payments. People going for other options must be aware of the fact that they are going to pay higher rate of interest.

  •   The current state of real estate is the risks with probability of defaults that might happen in future. This is the condition all around the country. There are some issues that developers sometimes have allotted the same property to more than one buyer.

Thus, going for a ready to move in property is the best option. Contact Mapsko if you are interested in buying a ready to move in apartments in Gurgaon or NCR. We have many projects available and you can choose the best for you.


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