“Our mission is the path we initiate to reach our goals, be it long or short term. And the path involves embracing new technologies, researching on better ideas, applying new concepts and cultivating long-term relationships.”

One of the core principles of the Mapsko Group is to value time and resources. It is considered to be one of the driving forces of the organization. Time management has always been a priority at Mapsko. The management takes it very seriously. “We harness a reputation for executing projects in record time frames and keeping up with accurate planning and resource deployment.”

At Mapsko, the customer is not just a one-time association, but he is the ambassador of the brand and the lifeblood of the organization. Customer focus is about understanding, listening and delivering what people need, when they need it. Trust and integrity is built on fairness and reliability.

“We manage a positive work environment by being happy in our work place and enjoying what we do. And our passion for creation grows with every project, which we encounter as a challenge to set definite goals.”



“Our vision is to construct a new India. Beyond real estate, we strive to transform lives, landscapes and living habits of people. We aspire to be an exemplary corporate who does its job well; a name synonymous with trust, integrity, growth and global recognition.”

Quality and assurance


In adherence to strict quality practices and international standards, Mapsko lives up to its commitment to what the customer demands. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified, company assures the fact that the company is consistent and reliable with some of the best practices the industry has to offer. Mapsko is rated favourably by “Crisil” as one the leading rating agency in the world for shareholders and investors.

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